Team Profiles


Knock em for six!


Emily has been around traditional dance for the best part of her life.

She has been involved with the Straw Bear Festival for many years and has now taken up Rapper dancing.

Aside from the Rapper Emily is a rather passionate Cricket Coach.

Watch this space we may retain the Ashes one day.


The Ginger Tom.


Tom has been involved in traditional dance since the age of ten and first took up sword dancing at the age of eleven.


He's also a rather fine melodeon player and has been the musician for the Wype Doles Longsword since the age of twelve.


He also regularly plays as part of the Frog on a Bike Ceilidh Band as the lead musician, Chiltern Hundreds North West Clog Morris and has also been a musician for Silver Flame Rapper.


The charming one.


Rob has been a sword dancer for many years and was one of the founder members of the Wype Doles Longsword team.


Quick with a joke he can always make you smile.


Rob takes his fitness very seriously and likes to keep trim.


It is true to be said that Rob is Rockingham's very own Bruce Lee.

Sarah (Musician)

She takes no prisoners when it comes to timing, drive and lift within the music.


Sarah is also a classically trained singer and very good tune and songwriter.


Sarah also performs with the Frog on a Bike Ceilidh Band and dances North West Clog Morris with Chiltern Hundreds.

Chris V

Chris is a wannabe wallaby and wallabies want to be Chris.


Chris came along to our first practice just to observe the dancing. Little did he know that he would be actually dancing. He is still waiting for the other member to turn up.


Since being part of the team Chris has found his one true love...

A Pint of Double Header bitter.

Chris also dances with Speckled Hen North West Clog.


The instigator of top quality biscuits.


Angela has been dancing for many years performing Morris, Ballroom, Tap and Rapper.

She many talents and is also a keen archer and and will give Robin Hood a run for his money.

Aside from Rockingham Angela is also a member of Tap & Sync Appalachian Step Dancers.

PJ (Tommy)

The crazy man with all the songs and jokes.


PJ started dancing rapper in the 70s with Stevenage Sword, and can be found at many festivals running his music stall.


All we can say is that going shopping with him is a very funny and worthwhile experience.


What ever you do please please don't say the words Mahna-Mahna in front of him.


Wendy adds to the Appalachian step dance part of the team.


She has been a step dancer for many years with the Tap & Sync Appalachian team from Oundle Northants.


Some of her other talents are opening many a stiff jam jar which comes in handy when the team is away camping, but she can also make the best Banoffee Pie in the entire world. If you’re lucky enough to try it you will be blown away.


The dashing young Sam.

Sam was first introduced to Rapper by taking part in workshops at a young age and then caught the Rapper bug.

He has danced with Sir Harry's Sword and Wype Doles Longsword and therefore the only Rockingham member to have danced with all three Whittlesey based Sword teams.


Emma - our northen lass.


She started dancing Longsword with the Ryburn sword dancers at the age of twelve. Since then she has taken up flat foot step dancing and also founded the Red Door Rapper team.


She has a good head on her shoulders as she is the first member of Rockingham to study at Cambridge University.


Emma is also a rather fine baker and can create fantastic cakes.


Great Snakes!


Dave is rather good with a sword in more ways than one.


He has a passion for the fine sport of fencing so as you can guess he gets straight to the point.


Apart from enjoying the odd photo bomb Dave also dances North West Clog with Hertfordshire Holly and also Rapper and Longsword with Stevenage Sword and Baldock Early Evening Rapper (BEER).


Legally Rapper.


Miriam came to our first Taster Day session in 2016 having never tried traditional dance before.

Since then she has caught the Rapper bug and has become an amazing dancer.

Apart from keeping the team supplied in fantastic baked goods she has also taught us how to work the hips and the magical powers of the Pineapple.

Chris D

Chris the very long man.

Chris has been dancing Cotswold Morris for many years but has now discovered the joys of dancing with steel.

When he's not dancing Rapper you can often see him dancing with Peterborough Morris or organising events for the Young Farmers.

His other favourite pastime is chasing pigs in and around the countryside, although at times it can prove to be a bit of a swine.


The smiliest of all.


Laura has been involved in dance since she was four.

She has a dance portfolio as big as her smile including Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet and Cotswold Morris, which she has been part of for most of her life.

Laura joined Rockingham in 2014 and with her dance background has taken to Rapper like a smiley duck to water.

As well as teaching Ballet Laura is also a dancer with Nottingham based Whip the Cat Rapper.


Haberdasher Rapper.

Megan first started dancing in her teens with Tap & Sync Appalachian and first joined Rockingham in 2006.

She has also danced Molly with Washlanders Molly and Longsword with Wype Doles Longsword.

Megan is also the only woman to have danced as the Whittlesea Straw Bear.




Geoffrey has been dancing since the moment he first had shoes on his feet.

Born in to a Morris pedigree he has danced many styles over the years from North West Clog with Chiltern Hundreds to Cotswold with Bampton.

Away from dancing Geoffrey is a fine actor and regularly takes part in amateur dramatics.

He proudly claims that his mother taught him how to mince.


Paul a young man with rather talented feet.


Paul has grown up with sword dancing having spent his teens performing with the Whittlesey based Wype Doles Longsword dancers.


He has since mastered the art of Rapper sword dancing and has grown in to a very lovely stepper.


Paul all has the abilty to mystify us all with his Tardis style camping.


Pam is one of the founder members of the team and one of the best step dancers in the region.

Her dance portfolio spans many traditions from Morris, North West Clog, Molly, Irish Step, Flat Footing and Appalachian.

When you see her dance you will be amazed as to how many taps one foot can make.


The man who can take you to that magical place known as The Sunshine Mountain.


Luke has been around sword dancing since he was a baby.


He started his sword dancing life by joining the Wype Doles Longsword team of Whittlesey.


He's since developed his skills and is now one of the best step dancers in the area.


He is also now one of the mighty Witchmen.


Monkey Dan.


Dan first encountered Rapper whilst at Nottingham University and decided to give it a go.

Since then Dan has been a long standing member of the awesome Stone Monkey Rapper, Shropshire Rapper and Rockingham.